50% Off My Favorite Travel Blazer

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Eddie Bauer is running 50% off through April 2, 2018 (sale has been extended) April 1, 2018 using code MADNESS.

If you miss this time, Eddie Bauer seems most of the time to be running 30%, 40% or 50% off sales.

Eddie Bauer participates in ShopRunner free 2-day shipping, if you have a membership. ShopRunner membership is complimentary if you have an Amex card or World/World Elite MasterCard (registration required).

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My Favorite Travel Blazer

Eddie Bauer Mens Voyager 2 Travel Blazer

Eddie Bauer’s Men’s Voyager 2.0 Travel Blazer is ultra-durable and machine washable. Construction is 94% nylon/6% spandex shell; 100% polyester lining.

With 50% off, the regular price of $149.99 drops to $75.

This is a very casual blazer that you can dress up in a pinch. I carry it on a trip when I may need to look less scruffy and don’t want to take a traditional blazer or suit.

This is a good stand-in for casual business and social occasions, not for a job interview or formal occasions. I find it especially useful in hot climates that I will sweat through a wool blazer. At this price it feels ok to put the jacket through the worst. If you totally crush it in packing it wrinkles a bit that comes out from a hot shower steam or wear for a while.

Since the jacket is unstructured (no shoulder pads), it folds down to take about as much space and weight as a windbreaker.

I’ve had the navy version for two years and it has held up well. I just put in an order for dark slate. Sizing is true to my suit size.

The lighter colors looks more casual than the dark because detailing like the front zipper pocket is more visible. Khaki is on clearance for $99.99 that with 50% off drops to $50.

There is also now the Men’s Departure Tropical-Weight Package Blazer, priced the same at $149.99 and currently only in black and navy. From the photos I like that it does not have the front zipper pocket so I’ve put in an order for the navy to test it. Construction is 86% polyester/14% spandex shell; 100% polyester lining.

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Jim F.
Jim F.
4 years ago

I’m seeing a $99 sale price, not 50% off

4 years ago
Reply to  Jim F.

Just apply the code MADNESS at checkout and you’ll see the 50% reflected. It’s April 2 and the code still works.

Also if you have ShopRunner you can get free 2-day shipping. Saved me $10 shipping cost.

Thanks for the review, Stephan.

4 years ago

86% polyester/14% spandex shell and 100% polyester lining….this item is too expensive even if the price went down to $50. Polyester is notorious to climate the humidity and temperature so not ideal as travel blazer. with the same price there are so many options out there with 100% wool that comes with wrinkle free travel fabrics

4 years ago

How is it on wrinkling?