Confirmed: T-Mobile Adding 50+ Countries to Free Text and 2G Data!

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T-Mobile is sending text messages to subscribers announcing a price increase from $0.20/minute to $0.25/minute for roaming calls from counties covered under its T-Mobile One/Simple Choice plans. The rate increase takes effect on the first new billing cycle from July 31, 2018.

Simple Global roaming calling update FAQs

154 to 210+ Countries and Destinations

The announcement mentions this rate will apply to an expanded number of countries and destinations covered under Simple Global Calling, jumping from 154 to 210+ on July 22, 2018.

There is no mention of unlimited text and 2G data being included in these new countries, a bit I think they would want to highlight rather over a rate increase. Press announcements usually focus on the good stuff. The use of a term, Simple Global Calling, instead of the current plan names T-Mobile ONE and Simple Choice used on their roaming page, gave me pause.

I contacted T-Mobile Media Relations, who replied within minutes, “The expanded list of countries is the new list of Simple Global countries, so yes, they get the same benefits.”


Here is the new list of countries. I could have really used these in some that are painfully expensive. Nauru comes to mind. Or for all my Virgin Australia flight issues in Christmas Island.

Afghanistan Colombia Hong Kong Montenegro Senegal
Aland Islands Congo Hungary Montserrat Serbia
Albania Congo, Democratic Republic Iceland Morocco Seychelles
Alderney Costa Rica India Mozambique Sierra Leone
Algeria Cote d’Ivoire Indonesia Myanmar Singapore
Angola Croatia Iraq Nauru Sint Maarten
Anguilla Curacao Ireland Netherlands Slovakia
Antigua and Barbuda Cyprus Isle of Man Netherlands Antilles Slovenia
Argentina Czech Republic Israel New Zealand South Africa
Armenia Denmark Italy Nicaragua South Korea
Aruba Dominica Jamaica Niger Spain
Australia Dominican Republic Japan Nigeria Sri Lanka
Azerbaijan Easter Island Jersey Northern Ireland Suriname
Azores Ecuador Jordan Northern Mariana Islands (Saipan) Svalbard
Bahamas Egypt Kazakhstan Norway Sweden
Bahrain El Salvador Kenya Oman Switzerland
Bangladesh Estonia Kuwait Pakistan Taiwan
Barbados Faroe Islands Kyrgyzstan Palestinian Territories Tajikistan
Belarus Fiji Laos Panama Tanzania
Belgium Finland Latvia Papua New Guinea Thailand
Belize France Liberia Paraguay Togo
Benin French Guiana Lichtenstein Peru Tonga
Bermuda French Polynesia Lithuania Philippines Trinidad and Tobago
Bolivia Gabon Luxembourg Poland Tunisia
Bonaire Gambia Macau Portugal Turkey
Bosnia and Herzegovina Georgia Macedonia Qatar Turkmenistan
Brazil Germany Madagascar Reunion Turks and Caicos Islands
British Virgin Islands Ghana Madeira Romania Uganda
Brunei Darussalam Gibraltar Malawi Russia Ukraine
Bulgaria Greece Malaysia Rwanda United Arab Emirates
Burkina Faso Greenland Maldives Saint Barthelemy United Kingdom
Burundi Grenada Mali Saint Eustatius Uruguay
Cambodia Guadeloupe Malta Saint Kitts and Nevis Uzbekistan
Cameroon Guam Marie Galante Saint Lucia Vatican City
Canada Guatemala Martinique Saint Martin Venezuela
Canary Islands Guernsey Mauritania Saint Saba Vietnam
Cape Verde Guinea Mauritius Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Wales
Cayman Islands Guinea-Bissau Mayotte Samoa Western Sahara
Chad Guyana Mexico San Marino Zambia
Chile Haiti Moldova Sark Island Zimbabwe
China Herm Monaco Saudi Arabia
Christmas Island Honduras Mongolia Scotland

Note that ‘Saint Saba’ goes by the name Saba. Not a saint!

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Captain Obvious
Captain Obvious
1 year ago

208 != 210+
Just sayin’…

U k
U k
4 years ago

That is fantastic news – it comes just in time for my trip to PNG next month!

Rich T
Rich T
4 years ago

If only they worked acceptibly in the US. That would be more exciting for me. Last time I tried them my call dropped 3 times between their store and my home along a major interstate in a major city.

4 years ago
Reply to  Rich T

Absolutely!! They tricked me into trying them again on 4G since they advertise that it is so much better. I had them years ago and yes it was cheap because there was no service anywhere. Now on 4G it is a little tiny bit better but barely. You get what you pay for.

Billy Bob
Billy Bob
4 years ago

20% rate increase in one fell swoop.

Awesome indeed.