Amazon Prime Day 2018: The Most Useful Posts and Deals I’ve Seen

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I got sucked in to Amazon Prime Day without any plan to spend. I have made a few purchases and it has been fun to stack deals with gift cards and credit card points.

Amazon Prime Day 2018

There are many deals blogs. This is not one. I do have an Amazon Travel Gear page that supports this blog if you start there to shop for anything at Amazon. I’ve not done the legwork on Prime Day deals, so I’d rather give credit to those putting out the most useful and creative posts I’ve seen.

For instance, I got a Kindle Fire 7 for $9.99 to test it out for reading e-guidebooks on the go.

Many of the biggest deals are with products “Sold and Shipped by Amazon,” so look for that on product listings, for instance to stack the Amex 20% off code.

Dan’s Deals:

Frequent Miler:

Doctor of Credit:

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4 years ago

20% code on Amazon is expired!