Tech Tuneup: My Cloud Backup Pick

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This is the first in a series of tech I use on the road for work and play.

If you’re someone like me where your laptop is your main computer and your laptop goes everywhere, you need to be secure and to be able to recover on the fly.

I have lots of files stored on an external drive that I do not take with on my travels, so having an online vault to access them is nice in a pinch. Many backup services charge extra for external drives.

When I researched online backup services, I asked a bunch of IT people and they all told me the problems with every service instead of telling me what to get. Finally, I pressed one, saying I was going to pick something, and he acceded to Backblaze.

Backblaze Could Backup

I’ve been using Backblaze cloud backup for 4 years and it meets my needs:

  1. No hassle background backup.
  2. Unlimited storage (I am sure there is a point that can be reached, however I am approaching 1 terabyte with no issues).
  3. Support for external drives – not easy to find at a reasonable price!
  4. Online retrieval – website and mobile apps.
  5. Offline recovery – FedEx hard drive and flash drive options (subject to additional payment).
  6. Security – 2-factor authentication.
  7. Reasonable price – $50/year or $5/month.

A Month Free with Refer-a-Friend

With refer-a-friend you get a free one month trial. If you keep the service, I get a free month.

Here’s an existential question: do I benefit more if you use…

You decide.

Protect Your Data

I know most of you have been putting off cloud backup. Take this an incentive to get started. Whether you pick Backblaze or another service, you should have cloud backup.

Once you have your own account, you can refer your own friends!

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4 years ago

Hope you do posts (soon) on your preferred vpn provider and password manager too, along with refer-a-friend links.

4 years ago

@ Stefan — Perfect timing on the link. Thanks!

— Husband of FCQ. 🙂