My Favorite Travel Shave and Shampoo Soaps On Sale, Free Shipping to US, Ends 3/31/19

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My travel toiletry kit is going solid. I have reduced liquids and gels to save on space, weight, airport security hassles, and environmental waste from plastic bottles.

The Great Canadian Soap Co produces goat milk soaps on Prince Edward Island.The Great Canadian Soap Co Prince Edward Island Canada

Prince Edward Island, Canada

We first visited Prince Edward Island in 2012. My wife pronounced, “This is the North America I dreamed of.” The scenery and seafood of Anne of Green Gables country is superb.

We stopped by the farm and shop of the The Great Canadian Soap Co, and I picked up some shampoo bars and shave bars with an eye to my travel routine.

I’ve happily been using their soaps ever since at home and on the road. The bars last a long time. I cut off small pieces and tuck them into my toiletry kit. A quick pat dry after use and they are ready to go. I thought I’d need a shave brush, however lathering up the shave bar against my face works great.

They produce various other soaps, skincare products, and household items like laundry detergent.

The Great Canadian Soap Co Soaps

Sale, Free Extras, Free Shipping

Disclaimer: I do not have any financial relationship with The Great Canadian Soap Co. I am not compensated for this post or for any reader orders.

The Great Canadian Soap Co is running a sale through 3/31/19 with bonus products if you order by 3/27/19:

Ordering Tips:

  • Following the promotion instructions (below)
  • Prices are in Canadaian Dollars – convert to US Dollars and you’ll be smiling!
  • Order with a credit card that does not charge foreign transaction fees

Discount, order by 3/31/19:

  • Free shipping applies to any size order. This is a small family-run business and shipping is expensive so please be considerate in ordering more that just a lip balm.

Discount, order by 3/31/19:

  • Get 5% off and free shipping to US & Canada of orders C$60+ before discount with code: SAVE5
  • Get 10% off and free shipping to US & Canada of orders C$100+ before discount with code: SAVE10

Bonus Free Body Butters, order by 3/27/19:

  • For orders of C$60+, in addition to the discount and free shipping, get 2 free body butters, choose from any 15ml size that cost C$6.50 and put your choice in the notes, do not add to your cart
  • For orders of C$10+, in addition to the discount and free shipping, get 2 free body butters, choose from one 15 ml size that costs C$6.50 and one 70 ml size that costs C$13.95 and put your choice in the notes, do not add to your cart
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3 years ago

I’ve ordered from this one:
I like their products.

Kathy (will run for miles)

I’m a sucker for stuff like this. I gave it a shot. Thanks.

3 years ago

This kind of infomercial post is so not your style but yet I love it! I am looking for bring one soap instead to bring several bottle of liquid. What’s difference between shampoo and shaving cake? Are they really that difference that someone would have to carry two? What would you recommend if I just need one for my sensitive skin face, shampoo with condition for very thin long hair, body soap and in some cases for laundry purpose?