Scenes from Summer’s End at Prince Edward Island, Canada

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I chase around the world for business and pleasure, rarely repeating a destination. Prince Edward Island, Canada, home of Anne of Green Cables, is our beloved summer retreat since we first came across Delta’s seasonal flight from New York in July and August.

Richard and Janet Knox, dear proprietors of Knox’s Dam Bed & Breakfast, may be retiring. We hope not. Their house, gardens, farm and historic site dam are idyllic.

We made weekend trips this year in July and again in August. More lobster suppers (and mussels, oysters and quahogs), more scenic drives around the coast, and even the Dundas Plowing Match with competitions such as wife hollerin’.

Recalling what my wife said the first time we landed on the island, “This is the North America I dreamed of.”

Prince Edward Island 2014 01

Prince Edward Island 2014 02

Prince Edward Island 2014 04

Prince Edward Island 2014 03

Prince Edward Island 2014 05

Prince Edward Island 2014 06

Prince Edward Island 2014 07

Prince Edward Island 2014 08

Prince Edward Island 2014 09

Prince Edward Island 2014 10

Prince Edward Island 2014 11

Prince Edward Island 2014 12

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8 years ago

We followed Stefan’s advice: 2 X 25K Delta Awards via JFK and 3 nights at Knox’s Dam B&B. For those yearning for scenes from Anne (with an e), she blogged about our visit with Anne here:

8 years ago

You have been to so many places that I know that it must be wonderful to get your “repeat business.” I’ve never been but have had my eye on somewhat nearby locations for quite a while, namely the Magdeleine Islands and the Gaspe Peninsula. Thanks for the photos!

8 years ago

As an annual visitor to the island, I too agree with the sentiments. Pei is a very special place. Nothing is over the top (bar perhaps some of the scenery), but rather it is special for the simplicity. Speaking to a few folks in the tourism business there, it would be incomplete not to highlight that your posts give little attention to the two largest tourism draws….golf and Anne. The majority of tourists visit the island for one (but likely not both) of those two attractions! Not being a “go in the water” beach destination, the season does linger a… Read more »

Ric Garrido
Ric Garrido
8 years ago

I camped on PEI one time in late May and felt I was the only tourist on the island with beaches to myself.

PEI is a July and August seasonal destination.

Currently visiting a similar summer season/weekend beach place in southeastern Norway. All the beaches are empty. The beach restaurants have closed for the year. Boats are docked. Summer season ended two to three weeks ago.

Lobster looks good.