160th Anniversary of the Start of the American Civil War

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April 12 marks the anniversary of the start of the American Civil War, a conflict of issues unresolved this 160 years later.

Every year on this day since the 150th anniversary in 2011, I’ve watched this gallery of images of the war compiled by The Economist, accompanied by Tom Glazer’s A Treasury of Civil War Songs (streams free with Amazon Prime; also check your public library streaming options).


There are many resources for the traveler keen to explore America and the history of the period:

Antietam National Cemetery

Antietam National Cemetery

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Jackson Johnson
Jackson Johnson
3 years ago

1861 is when America died. That’s because Lincoln enslaved southern states and violates the principle of the Declaration of Independence that allowed for self governance and freedom from tyranny. Lincoln substituted one form of slavery for another. Slavery in the south would have ended like it did all over the world in due course. The slaves should have been repatriated to their mother countries instead of forced on western society.

3 years ago

Are you on cocaine or just a troll?