Stefan Krasowski is an international business development executive based in New York. A graduate of The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, he has also studied in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Tokyo, and is fluent in Mandarin Chinese.


Stefan spent eight years working in China, making the most of weekends and holidays to see every province in China and nearly all countries in Asia. Now based in the US, he continues to roam the world whenever he can find a good Friday overnight flight and is dedicated to helping others take “trips of a lifetime,” even if they only have a weekend.

Why read Rapid Travel Chai? “Busy People, Extraordinary Travels,” states the philosophy:

Work, family, weekends spent exhausted on the couch. A day off to catch up on errands. A longing glance at the travel section in the bookstore.

“I couldn’t possibly find the time to travel there.”
“That’s a trip of a lifetime, I will do that someday…when I retire.”

Travel writers often act as if everyone can take weeks, months, even years off to amble the world. Even those “36 Hours in…” columns leisurely treat a destination as if visiting for the third time.

This blog is dedicated to the rest of us that want to see the world AND have jobs and family still there when we return.

Traveling fast and smart is a challenge. Planning and research is the key to seeing the world in a hurry. This blog will help you build your own travel skills so that you can have ‘trips of a lifetime’ without anyone knowing you were gone.

The Rapid Travel Chai philosophy is to experience a destination in a flash but leave no regrets behind.

Whether a beginner traveler or a seasoned pro, come join Rapid Travel Chai to learn, share, and roam!