The Credit Cards in My Wallet, Travel Wallet, and Drawer [2019]

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Credit cards have replaced flying as my core mile-earning vehicle.

Points bloggers talk much less about credit cards these days for a number of reasons:

  • Credit card affiliate marketing is the cash cow for blogs that can get approved to publish the links
  • Credit card issuers continue to cull the ranks of affiliates, and in particular, The Points Guy is increasingly getting exclusive offers
  • Credit card issuers have reduced the spread of cards with attractive affiliate offers
  • Bloggers that have affiliate links need to toe the marketing line and compliance line to keep their links
  • Bloggers have different interests, many currently active are interested in manufactured spend (of the churn and burn = bank shutdown kind) or merchandise and gift card reselling
  • Bloggers, to a surprising degree, are under Chase ‘5/24’
  • Bloggers that were once active on credit cards are at different life and points stages and no so active anymore
  • Readers click on ‘deals’, seemingly the more trivial the better (Hurry! Free pack of 10 pushpins today!!), and traffic equals ad revenue if you don’t have credit card links

Well, I have a terrible business model and credit cards are my points interest, so here are the cards I have. Here’s a picture of me in a swimming suit on my surfboard posing with my cards:

My Credit Cards

The Credit Cards in My Wallet

I carry a slim wallet that only holds a few cards:

  • Amex Delta Platinum (non-bonused spend to earn Delta MQMs each year)
  • Amex Hilton Ascend (supermarkets)
  • Citi Costco Anywhere Visa (Costco, gas)
  • Citi Prestige (dining, airfare)
  • City National Bank Crystal Visa Infinite (non-airfare travel, supermarkets that don’t accept Amex)
  • Any card that I am working on a sign-up bonus

The Credit Cards in My Travel Wallet

I have a travel wallet in my briefcase:

  • Amex Platinum Charles Schwab (Centurion Lounge access; I bank and have investments with Charles Schwab, this is a long-term keeper for me)
  • Amex Platinum Morgan Stanley (for this year only)
  • Chase United MileagePlus Explorer (for travel benefits on United)
  • Diners Club Professional (airport lounge access)
  • Discover it Minnesota Wild edition (to carry a bit of Minnesota with me)
  • ICBC Preferred UnionPay Gold (for China)

The Hotel Credit Cards That Sometimes are in My Travel Wallet

I use these from time to time for hotel benefits or to pay for a stay. I keep them because of the annual certs.

  • Amex Hilton Aspire
  • Chase IHG Rewards Club Select
  • Chase IHG Rewards Club Premier
  • Chase Hyatt (I’ve not upgraded to the World of Hyatt Card)
  • Chase Marriott Premier (I’ve not upgraded to Premier Plus / Bonvoy Boundless)
  • Chase Marriott Premier Plus Business
  • US Bank Radisson Rewards Premier
  • US Bank Radisson Rewards Business

The Credit Cards in My Drawer

I take out these cards for specific promotions or keep them for specific benefits.

  • BofA Better Balance Rewards (>2, charity donations for quarterly cash back)
  • Chase Freedom (>2, quarterly 5x points categories)
  • Citi AT&T Access More (2, online purchases 3x)
  • Citi Dividend (>2, quarterly 5% cash back categories)
  • Citi Sears (ThankYou-point earning version, targeted spend offers)
  • Discover it (2 including the one in my travel wallet, quarterly 5% cash back categories)
  • Fidelity Rewards Visa (previously to load Serve, now for occasional targeted spend offers that take months to post)
  • Marvel (3x categories, awesome card art)
  • PenFed Pathfinder Rewards ($100 annual travel credit)
  • Wells Fargo Propel Amex (mobile phone insurance, GoFar Rewards offers)

The Credit Cards with Me This Year

Cards that will be retired within a year:

  • Amex Hilton Business
  • Chase Iberia
  • Citi American Airlines personal (2)
  • Citi American Airlines business (2)
  • HSBC Advance
  • HSBC Cash Rewards
  • US Bank FlexPerks personal (Olympics offer)
  • US Bank FlexPerks business (Olympics offer)
  • Wells Fargo Business Platinum

The Credit Cards That I Want

Credit cards that I want and have a hope of approval, so that excludes:

  • Amex – cards I’ve had before due to ‘once per lifetime’ bonus rule
  • BofA – I am laying low on personal cards because of their ‘4 personal credit cards rule’
  • Chase – all cards now subject to 5/24 and workarounds have all failed for me

Credit cards that I want:

Readers, what other cards should I want? What questions do you have on my card portfolio?

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5 years ago

For what it’s worth, I also find posts like this super helpful. Thanks for taking the time to share.

Rich T.
Rich T.
5 years ago
Reply to  Eric

I agree with Eric – I love your “this is what I actually do and may do” post. Always intrigued by some of your esoteric choices.

I’m also curious about which offers may only be going to TPGs – the blogging inside baseball is interesting too.

5 years ago

Would the ICBC card work for Wechat Pay? Any application tips or how strict they are with approvals?

5 years ago

For BoA my very recent experience (1 wk ago) in applying for the Alaska Airlines business card is that they will ask for 2 yrs of full tax returns IF you’re a sole proprietor, which I am. I won’t share my tax returns with anyone except the IRS, so I withdrew my application, or rather I called BoA recon to explain, they wouldn’t budge, so I said I no longer wanted to move forward with it Just a heads up in case you’re a sole proprietor, like many other cc churners.

5 years ago
Reply to  YoLaViajera

I just was instantly approved a few weeks ago for this, no paper work required, sole proprietor

rick i
rick i
5 years ago

Great post Stefan. Thanks