Amex Do More Business Launches: 10% Rebate for Lowe’s, Staples, Exxon Mobil and Dell, 25% Rebate for FedEx (Replaces Amex OPEN Savings)

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I wrote yesterday of the end of Amex OPEN Savings. Today the replacement launched: Amex Do More Business.

Check for offers in the Amex Offers page. There is a new tab called Do More Business (these may not display as a separate tab unless you go to, though that is not to important as the offers will show in the Available tab regardless of how you access your Amex account).

Amex Do More Business June 2018

I have the Business Rewards Gold, Delta Platinum Business, Delta Gold Business and all have the same 5 offers:

  • Lowe’s: get 10% back, up to $100 statement credits, expires 11/30/18
  • Staples: get 10% back, up to $100 statement credits, expires 11/30/18
  • Exxon Mobil: get 10% back, up to $100 statement credits, expires 11/30/18
  • edEx: get 25% back, up to $1,000 statement credits, expires 11/30/18
  • Dell: get 10% back, up to $1,500 statement credits, expires 11/30/18

Heads up: if you are new to Amex Offers, note that offers only apply to the registered card. If you have employee cards that you want to apply the offer, create individual Amex logins for each card and activate offers there. Also, as with other Amex Offers, once you activate on one card, these offers may disappear on other, so have all your cards open in new browser windows/tabs at once and enroll together to apply to all your accounts.

Terms: Study the full terms for each in your account. They all have various exclusions including gift cards that may or may not be enforced. Prior Amex Offers like Staples have been fine to buy some Amazon gift cards.

My take: OPEN Savings had smaller offers though did not require activation. If these new offers were piddly stuff I wouldn’t expect many businesses to spend their time deal hunting. I like that these offers extend much of the year, are relatively high amounts, and cover as many purchases as it takes to reach the limit (not just one transaction). Waiting for Hertz to return!

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