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On my mind: miles and points blogs today dedicated multiple posts not to the latest airline passenger tabloid news, instead to letters arriving in the mail that the Chase IHG card’s anniversary certificates from May 1, 2018 will be capped at properties currently priced at 40,000 IHG points or less. The official list of non-eligible hotels oddly includes some that are 40,000 points/night. 330 hotels out of the 5,000+ are now off limits. It will be interesting to hear what compensation Chase gives, if any, to the inevitable complaints (from people who may not evne used the card once a year for purchases).

My wife and I received these letters for our cards. We are not thrilled, even with the feeling of inevitability. Airlines and hotels choose to copy competitors rather than maintain what really distinguishes them. I’ll have more to say on the business aspect of it.





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5 years ago

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