10 Signs that He is a Travel Hacker, and You are Not

On the eve of our wedding anniversary, my wife gave me a present to share:

10 Signs that He is a Travel Hacker, and You are Not

  1. You have 20 emails from him on instructions from home/office to airports because you are still confused
  2. He goes to great length to arranges an exit seat for you, while you are one of the most petite passengers on the entire flight
  3. You check his travel blog to find out where he is at the moment
  4. The most romantic teamwork is when you pull out the airfare matrix site and he pulls out a wicked site that has seat maps for every flight
  5. He is the designated travel agent of the entire household and would apply your dog a frequent flyer number if he could
  6. You try making him travel less with a stay-home-point system, but does not work because you are not so good with points system to start with
  7.  You consider checking in on iphone app highly sophisticated
  8.  He speaks airport languages like ORD, ATL…until he gives up with you
  9. You call him instead of your company’s Concur agent when there is a need to adjust business flights
  10. You come to your flight, already upgraded, to your favorite window seat and knows who did that

Happy anniversary, my travel hacker.

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  • Brenton

    Love #6!

  • JB

    So sweet. Happy Anniversary!

  • Rich T

    Excellent – thanks for sharing. Love #3, #6 & all.

  • Love this..Happy Anniversary!

  • “would apply your dog a frequent flyer number if he could”

    What do you mean *if you could*, my dog has a mileage-earning credit card.

    See also:
    “You think about miles too much when…”

  • Rapid Travel Chai

    @Gary Leff – shhh, you’ll blow the whole deal, she doesn’t know about the cat.

  • David

    travel codexer?

    haha 🙂


  • Ha! Happy Anniversary!

  • Jamie

    Love it!

  • haha great list! Happy Anniversary to you both!