Marriott Gave Me a Bic Razor, I Almost Took My Face Off

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I forgot to pack my razor on our Christmas trip. We were stuck overnight in ATL to some Delta delays. Delta, when asked nicely at the new Terminal B Sky Club, put us up in the Atlanta Airport Marriott.

I asked if they had razors and from under the counter a Bic razor was produced.


In a sign of the demasculinization of the modern male, or just me, I almost took my face off without 5 blades, battery buzz, and microfin comfort guards.

Some spurts started quickly, others welled.

Upon completion and mopping up, I had a roguish gouge from my chin.

I emerged, rugged man back from adventure.

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Carl P
Carl P
6 years ago

I’ve never seen any hotel provided razors that were worth the risk. Better to go unshaven.

6 years ago

Please – tell me more.