$25 off $50 Airbnb Experiences – Try Our Cooking Class in Shanghai!

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Airbnb Experiences is offering $25 off $50+ bookings:

  • Book by March 31, 2019 (this is ‘book by’, so you can book now for a later experience)
  • Use code PRICELESS
  • Pay with a Mastercard
  • Promoted limited and may expire prior to 3/31/19

Heading to Shanghai this year?

We have two Airbnb Experiences at my mother-in-law’s home in Shanghai:

If your dates are not listed yet as available on the booking calendar, please use the ‘message host’ feature to request a date. Or request the seafood add-on!

Here’s the story of our Airbnb Experience.

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3 years ago

Can you increase your price by 9 cents? It’s currently at $49.91 and the promo code can’t be used.