From My Home to You: A Shanghai Home-Cooked Meal

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If the Hong Kong Airlines $600 fares stick, many of you will be bound for Shanghai. When you are in Shanghai, step out of the hotel club lounge to my home away from home for an authentic family meal. (p.s. I’ll be in Shanghai Nov 4-8 – join me for a meal?)

China and I

China is my first travel love.

I started studying Mandarin in 5th grade, continuing through college with semesters in Shanghai and Hong Kong. One day in that Shanghai semester it was love at first sight for me…and a year of persistent courting to that first kiss.

Wang’s Table – An Authentic Shanghai Meal

My wife is Shanghainese and we’ve assisted her mother to launch Wang’s Table, an Airbnb Experience welcoming you to her home in Shanghai for an authentic Shanghainese meal.

Join our Shanghai mom for refreshing Shanghai dishes. I’ve been loving these dishes since my university days. Many are difficult to find at restaurants or are cooked by non-Shanghainese chefs so aren’t quite right.

Vegetarians have no shortage of dishes to try.

She also can welcome you early for market shopping and a cook along to learn the dishes.

How to Get Your Shanghai Home Meal

Our Shanghai home is in Xinzhuang, a suburb at the terminus of Metro Line #1. You’ll see a local’s residential community with shops, schools and more. It is a charming day pairing with nearby Qibao Ancient Town.

The booking calendar is open to mid-October. We roll out dates 2 months in advance since it is a one-person operation. Look out for your preferred dates or let me know preferred dates or large group bookings at

Welcome Home in Shanghai

This is a fun project for us. We’ve put a lot of thought into making it work and have happily been welcoming early adopters from a Japanese food blogger to honeymooners from the US to a family of 8 with grandparents who had not visited their childhood home since the 1940s.

Airbnb doesn’t have a way for us to offer a special discount. Let me know if you book and I’ll make sure you get a special RTC welcome.


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4 years ago

On behalf of so many of your readers in China to thank you to always present the most positive side of China even it is getting much more difficult to flight with GFW to reach the outside world under the current administration. To read your blog always brings me a sense of illusion to temporarily realize China is the best country in the world!

4 years ago

Happy faces on both of you! Only you were so busy eating and eft mother in law to see the camera 🙂

Randy Petersen
Randy Petersen
4 years ago

As always Stefan, one of my most interesting and value reads of the day. While hoping at the start of the blog post that the meal might be available here in the U.S., there’s every reason to believe that Shanghai is always on the frequent flyers flight path so this post will be archived for future use. I really can never find the kind of content you write anywhere else so keep on blogging.