$50 Off Travelcon 2019 – See You in Boston!

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Matt Kepnes of Nomadic Matt created Travelcon last year in Austin. Hearing all the great things from event attendees I kicked myself for having a scheduling conflict.

I’ll be speaking at Travelcon 2019 in Boston, June 27-29, 2019.

Tickets are $399 until 3/31/19. Get $50 off with coupon code 50off. Register here.

(I do not receive any commission on ticket sales.)

Travelcon 2019

What is Travelcon?

Travelcon is for travel bloggers and writers to improve their skills and grow their business.

The focus is on practical sessions, workshops, and tutorials with actionable content.

In contrast, other travel conferences are light on actionable content, favoring inspirational speakers and canned keynotes from people saying how they will keep making money, not how you will.

The full speaker line-up is a great mix of people, ranging from speakers I know well, like Erica Virvo (speaking on self-publishing), to others I’ve wanted to meet for years.

Can’t Attend in Person? Get a Virtual Pass

Virtual passes are $149.

Points at Travelcon?

Go to a typical travel conference as a points traveler and you’ll feel like an outsider. Attendees think you are an alien and sponsors don’t know what to do with you.

Matt is one of us. He is, after all, the budget traveler who fancies W Hotel soaps for his hostel stays.

I am joining the two people I’ll nominate as knowing the most about award travel in the world:

  • Tiffany Funk of One Mile at a Time – when she tells us how to find award space, we best heed every word
  • Gary Leff of View from the Wing – when he says about an airline program ‘the juice ain’t worth the squeeze,’ I know it is not for me

Plus, from Canada, where hearts are big and credit card sign-up bonueses are small, we have Ricky Zhang from Prince of Travel.

We are working with Matt to develop the sessions. There is both the business model of points blogging, and education of general travel bloggers on how to use points. When you think of how travel bloggers scratch and claw for sponsored trips that a points traveler can book without making a dent in their balances, there is a lot to learn and exchange.

With so many points writters being gobbled up by a large web publishing company, I am rooting for independent points bloggers being able to stay independent and thrive.

See you in Boston!

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3 years ago

I’ll be there! Any plans for a RTC meetup?

Lee @ BaldThoughts
3 years ago

I’m glad you’ll be there Stefan. I’m going too. This will be my first time attending TravelCon. A friend of mine went last year and she said it was worth the price of admission.