Easter Egg: Korean Air Cryptically Warns You London Will Rip You Off

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Korean Air SkyTeam awards are now bookable online. See my full take here.

Someone at Korean Air either wants to alert customers or had a good sense of humor, because when you search London flights you get a cryptic pop-up warning that you are about to be ripped off:

Airport Advisory: UK-GBtax-info-award

Airport Advisory UK-GBtax-info-award

On Kenya Airways London-Nairobi, in economy, you get hit for $297.42 ($104.50 carrier-imposed fees (junk charges aka fuel surcharges) and $192.92 in taxes, fees and charges).

Korean Air SkyPass LHR-NBODelta New York-London, again in economy, adds an absurd $718.58. Business class adds another $100+. Delta routinely sells economy class routes on this route well below $700 with the miles.

Korean Air SkyPass JFK-LHRReaders, have you found any other Easter eggs with the new Korean Air SkyPass SkyTeam award search tool?

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