Anyone Want Delta Drink Coupons Expiring 12/31/16 that Might Not Work?

I was going through my travel folder today and noticed I forget to give away my 2016 Delta drink coupons.

I have 8 that expire 12/31/16.

This is the new style with QR code along with unique ID. The new, new style is virtual coupons printed at home or scan on the Delta app. If I scan these paper coupons, there is a chance Delta will accept these. Either show them the QR code on your phone or a printout.

Ask nicely! Say your friend wanted to spread last-minute holiday cheer.

If you want to give it a try, and will not attempt to hold me accountable if it doesn’t work, put in a comment to this post. I will email 2 each to the first 4 people who request them by 08:00 am EST 12/30/16. These are given with no warranty!

Happy New Year!

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Am flying tomorrow on Delta so this would be a great post-xmas gift



I’ll try using them. Thanks in advance!


Did this work? I’ve got several I’d like to give to my co-workers who will be flying Delta in July, but I’m unsure whether they are transferable.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

I did not hear the contrary.