The New Flying Blue: ”The Less You Understand, The Better You Listen.”

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Air France KLM has released partial details of its relaunched Flying Blue.

Commentators are having a deuce of a time explaining it all.

It is not meant to be understood, it only is.

We take the losing side with Foucalt versus the French obscurantists, but Derrida has the upper hand. Lacan’s ”The less you understand, the better you listen” retort carries the day.

Flying Blue Get New Opportunities

Distilling what I can make of the new program:

  • Earning redeemable miles will be like Delta SkyMiles, but worse
  • Earning elite status will be like British Airways, but worse
  • The elite status year will vary by individual
  • Elite status benefits do not change
  • Flight miles still expire in 2 years without SkyTeam/JOON/HOP!/Aircalin flight activity however non flight activity like credit card transfers look to be able to extend just by more such activity, so no need to credit the odd flight to Flying Blue if all you rely on is transfers
  • Residence of France and Monaco are no longer penalized compared to residents of other countries
  • 2018 starts of as before, then April 1 the new program kicks in
  • June 1 a new variable award program kicks in at as yet unpublished rates
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[…] 5) Air France will apparently overhaul their frequent flyer program next year. The only thing I care about is the redemption side. We don’t know all the details yet, but there are strong indicators that some awards will be revenue-based. So, you may want to book those tickets to Tahiti soon. Those cost 30k miles one-way (plus relatively mild fuel surcharges when originating from US). If you can find low-level Delta award flight from your home city, you may be able to add it to LAX-PPT route at no charge. Air France program is a transfer partner of Chase… Read more »


[…] Next year’s Air France KLM Flying Blue program changes are actually not meant to be understood: “The less you understand, the better you listen” […]

5 years ago

So I program I never paid much attention to before because of their “reported” unfair tactics is even less worth paying attention to?

5 years ago

Any bets that the new redemption system based on ticket price will be a terrible deal?