Delta and Korean Air Sign Joint Venture

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Delta and Korean Air today signed their joint venture agreement. Press release here.

The agreement is subject to regulatory approval in both countries. We may need to wait till then for updates on aspects such as hoped-for restoration of earning Delta Medallion Qualification Miles (MQMs) on Korean Air flights.

Delta has spared no effort, and saved no dignity, in puckering up for the current US administration; I have no idea on Korean Air’s regulatory environment with the new South Korean administration. I am not an aviation regulatory expert and don’t play one on this blog.

Delta has released an infographic on the projected partnership:

Delta and Korean Air infographic


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5 years ago

I’ll bet you anything that Korean Air Prestige Class Award Tickets will be easier to redeem than Delta One Awards with those Skypesos…

Pablo Z
Pablo Z
5 years ago

Hopefully the horrific mutual mileage earning rates could be improved soon…