Delta Global and Regional Upgrade Certificates Can Now Be Used* on Aeroméxico

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Delta announced today that Global Upgrade Certificates (GUCs) and Regional Upgrade Certificates (RUCs) can now be used on Aeroméxico flights.

Delta Aeromexico Upgrade Certificates

These certificates are available to SkyMiles Diamond and Platinum members as options in their annual Choice Benefits selections.

There are some serious limitations:

Global Upgrade Certificates:

  • Can only be used on Delta-marketed flights operated by Aeroméxico (which can be much more expensive than the same flight purchases through Aeroméxico)
  • Must have an international Delta flight included in the same itinerary

Regional Upgrade Certificates:

  • Can be used Delta-marketed short-haul flights operated by Aeroméxico, defined as “intra-Mexico flights, and flights between Mexico and the United States, Canada, Central America, Caribbean, Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela(Note: the wording implies these can be used on Aeroméxico flights traveling between the United States and Mexico, even if Aeroméxico-marketed, though taken as a whole with the announcement, I do not think that is the case, rather that it is sloppy wording)
  • Excludes basic economy (E-class)

A great RUC use is flights such as New York JFK-Mexico City when operated on the lie-flat seat Dreamliner.

This builds on complimentary upgrades rolled out May 8, 2017:

Effective May 8, 2017, Medallion Members will receive additional benefits when traveling with Aeroméxico, as a part of Delta and Aeroméxico’s growing partnership.

  • Medallion Members will be eligible for Complimentary Upgrades on all intra-Mexico Aeroméxico flights, as well as Aeroméxico flights between Mexico and the U.S., Central America, Caribbean, Colombia and Ecuador.
  • Medallion Members will now receive Complimentary Upgrades based on their individual Medallion Status (starting with Diamond, then Platinum, Gold, and Silver) instead of SkyTeam Elite status, better recognizing the loyalty of our Medallion Members.
  • Medallion Members will be automatically added to the airport standby list for these flights, as long as their SkyMiles number is added to the reservation.

Medallion Members will be eligible for upgrades after all Club Premier Members have cleared.

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5 years ago

Hope GUC/RUC can really be used. So far the complimentary upgrades promise from DL in AM have been an illusion, the JV implementation is still a mess…