Smoother skin for a smooth flight – Mrs RTC turns breakfast into coffee spa and keeps luggage light

Mrs RTC’s light packing always wows me. Here she reveals tips that make the face glow from the breakfast table. I just might help myself to a coffee steam bath, too.

At a business cocktail in Paris, my colleague told me she is jealous of my skin, but she did not know I only landed after an overnight flight from New York a few hours ago. I travel a lot for work and leisure and am often asked for the secret to skin that seems resistant to jetlag and overnight flights.

With limited skin care carry-on allowance, stressful schedules and drying flights, here is how to turn each of your trips into a skin spa retreat, so you will come back to your Mr. Travel Blogger and office with glowing smile and success.

I make use of the 100% natural ingredients from the hotel breakfast: yogurt, coffee and honey are hotel breakfast staples, they are superb organic food for your skin, too. After enjoying your meal, simply take a 2 jars of honey, 1 cup of yogurt and 2 coffee sachets to your room. Now you have everything even better than Sephora or Saks Fifth Avenue:

1.       Honey and yogurt face & hair mask: moisturize, brighten, mild exfoliate

2.       Coffee and honey bath soak: moisturize, energize, slim

3.       Coffee all over scrub: exfoliate and smooth

Simple steps:

  • Pour 1 pack of coffee powder + 1 jar of honey into the hot tub;
  • While waiting, mix 1 jar of honey and 1 cup of pure yogurt, apply generously on the clean face and hair
  • Soak for 20 minutes with the masks on, let the steam work magic
  • Gently scrub with 1 pack of coffee powders all over face and body
  • Wash off with shampoo and show gel

Due to the magic and mild exfoliating effect of yogurt, you only need to do this once during your trip, no more than once a month, while always a magic treat right before any important client cocktail or gala.

Now ready to be the center of attention and envy, your skin is soft, smooth and glowing, your hair is smooth and shiny, your spirit is energized from a coffee steam bath.

Without a clue what happened, now your Mr. Travel Blogger is proud and your colleagues are wowed.

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