I Just Got a Long World of Hyatt email that Seems to Say I Won’t Get Free Breakfast

I am a Hyatt Diamond because two Thanksgivings ago their twitter team decided to give away presents. We were en route to our Hyatt credit card anniversary night stay at the Grand Hyatt Seoul. I tweeted from the cross-town taxi and I was Diamond by the time I checked in. Since then I have had two awards stays.

I enjoy Hyatts except that they are either (1) not where I need them and/or (2) at least $100 more than I am willing to pay.

I’ve paid no attention to WORLD  O      F  HYATT.

World of Hyatt Explorist

Today I got the soft-landing email of my Explorist Status. It’s a long email. You got one, too. I scanned through and didn’t see the word ‘breakfast’ where it needed to be. Clicked over to the elite tier table and saw a whole lot more than did not involve me getting breakfast. It’s like that moment you are checking in and realize you booked a Courtyard by Marriott and are getting bupkis the next morning.

World of Hyatt

So ends my WORLD  O      F  HYATT career.

Why is breakfast so important? Because the only time I stay at Hyatts is holidays with my wife. When we don’t have breakfast provided, there is either/or (usually both) that I end up paying for a $40 breakfast or getting harangued for being too cheap to pay for the $40 breakfast on our special stay.

The thing is she is darn tootin’ right. I know it. She knows it (duh!).

So the only marriage harmony solution is…Hilton Diamond status match! Here’s hoping my Best Western Diamond Select is forever!

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I tend to agree $40 is really expensive for breakfast.


Don’t you get the 4 lounge passes a year though? Couldn’t you just eat breakfast a two the lounge?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Those have some value but then you have to make sure there is a lounge at the hotel you want and it is not a crappy breakfast. Grand Hyatt Melbourne lounge over Thanksgiving was like a half-Europe continental and I had to ask 3 times for the poached egg (no bacon! no sausage!) while the downstairs breakfast was magnificent. Besides, maybe I should worry but it seems certs are made to not be honored at hotels, I don’t like fiddly stuff for stays.


Yeah it is high, but places like Park Hyatt Paris charges 59 euros for breakfast. It’s basically what they’re able to get away with.


How did you get best western diamond select?I status matched with Hyatt diamond only got BW diamond

Levy Flight

This is exactly the situation I am in. Got the Diamond offer. Only managed to stay a couple of times as focused on SPG Platinum. Glad I did. Now this new program has been launched I’ve lost all interest in Hyatt. They just don’t have the foot print for this to be viable. Such a shame, really.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Last fall Best Western had a instant win game for its 70th anniversary, I status matched to Diamond and then in the 3 weekly chances I had, I got 3 status tier upgrades in a row. Turns out there is no tier above Diamond Select. My wife did the same and won points 3 times and no status tier upgrade.