Reader Question: My Roommate Doesn’t Have a Sapphire Preferred, Is He Not Cool Enough to Live with Me??

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Corey in Brooklyn asks: My roommate doesn’t have a Sapphire Preferred, is he not cool enough to be live with me?

Of course he is not cool enough to bunk with you.

Remember, though, roommates don’t need to be seen in public. You are sharing a room to benefit each other, so maximize it. Lead him to believe he will be cool if he gets the new Sapphire Reserve. He should trade the points for his share of the rent at 1 cent/point. Encourage him to get the Sapphire Preferred and every card  he can be approved to get *free* rent and a hope of hanging out with you on the weekend.


Ok, ok, this is a plant. What is not a plant is I will start publishing items from my mailbag, edited for relevance and personal details scrubbed, so feel free to send travel inquires to me at stefan -at-

Readers, do you prefer:

  • Saturday or Sunday mailbag
  • One post with several emails or separate posts for each question?
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6 years ago

Ha, I find the Tang column in the FT pretty hilarious myself.

I’m for a Saturday mailbag, with multiple questions per post!

6 years ago

Haha what a great idea! Q&A from the mailbag could get really funny really fast!

6 years ago

Honestly would prefer the satire over actual questions / answers