My DLD Episode: China Travel, Polaris Pillow Talk and More

This week I join Seth and Stephan on podcast Dots, Lines and Destinations, listen here.

I have listened to DLD since the first episode and got to ask questions of the avgeeks such as “what is a scissor hub?” to “why are you looking at Flight Radar all day?”

We talked about new airline routes to China. Tomorrow starts New York JFK-Fuzhou on SkyTeam member Xiamen Airlines. We talked about trips to Fujian Province and bonus on Hunan Province, which is served by Hainan Airlines nonstop from Los Angeles. Two fascinating provinces less visited by international tourists. If you like James Cameron’s Avatar, you will love Zhangjiajie. I even argue that Delta SkyMiles is the best program for Asia!

Zhangjiajie Ken Marshall

Photo by Ken Marshall, flickr, creative commons license

Stick around for Delta One and United Polaris side-by-side reviews, 4 Europe flights each in January. Learn about the hot, on demand mid-flight Polaris snack coming back from Europe and the disappearing Polaris cool gel pillows.

I provided show notes on the destinations, and here they are as well:

Fujian Province: coastal province known for seafaring, many ethnic Chinese in Taiwan and around Southeast Asia trace their roots to Fujian and maintain close ties

Hunan Province: traditionally the last culturally Han Chinese region before the lands of ethnic groups that populate modern China’s southwest, lots of history of those borders and famous officials and scholars exiled here; in modern times the birthplace of Mao Zedong

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You briefly mentioned India in this episode. Do you mean India could be as challenging/ chaotic as China so don’t push too much ? What are your suggestions for the first time visistor to India? Which city would be more friendly with less “issues”? I am not sure I love Korean Air as much as your wife. Flying them so many times and had to say their service are not always as polished as its rivals Asiana. Korean passengers could be very loud sometimes if you ask me 😉 You should have your own podcast. Did you record this in… Read more »


Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Sorry, I know you don’t like Disqus, I am still getting used to the way it works and what notifications it does and doesn’t have. India is one like China that I recommend to not push too much. Budget a rest day at a heritage hotel on the 4th day of your trip to catch your breath. Two cities I recommend both for fantastic attractions and for more manageable are Agra and Bhopal. My wife has not yet flown Asiana, I am curious when she does to hear her impression. She just flew ANA for the first time… Read more »
Pablo Z

Hi Stefan, great episode! Just one thing in ur article, by zhangjiajia did you mean zhangjiajie?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Ooh, Pablo, you caught me in an embarrassing typo, yes, Zhangjiajie aka Wulingyuan.