Stack Discounts on Wallet-Friendly Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Groupon has a $20 off deal on Solitude SXCS2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones and  Voodoo Active Noise Cancelling Headphones. That brings the price down to$74.99 and $79.99, respecitvely. Says “ends soon” with no end date.

Voodoo Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Add 10% off coupon SALE3 which expires 6/25/17 for further savings.

Shipping is included. Add in tax and the price for either should be shy of $80. Compare to around $95-100 at Amazon and elsewhere.

Shopping portals boost savings. Watch out that you want rates for Groupon Goods. On Cashback Monitor, the top Groupon rate of 8% at Shop At Home is in reality only 4% for Groupon Goods. For cash, Mr Rebates is at 6%. For points, Chase Ultimate Rewards is 4 points.

I imagine there are discount Groupon gift card offers to stack further. I don’t go to that trouble with merchants I seldom shop.

Solitude XCS2 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Solitude and Voodoo?

I was looking to replace my broken Solitude headphones and see that the company is now called Positive Vibes.

They still offer the entry level Plane Quiet model, then Solitude, and now Voodoo.

According to their own specs, Solitude and Voodoo are technologically identical and list for similar price. Difference is cosmetic.

I came to their products via Travel Insider and have been happy with, first, Plane Quiet and, then, Solitude, for several years.

I have never tried Bose so can’t compare. I never wanted to spend $300+ for headphones or be that guy in the plane who everyone sees has spent $300+ on headphones.

After years with standard black/silver models, I went all Beats-y and got the blue and white Voodoo.

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5 years ago

Does it really matter what anyone thinks with whatever you are wearing be it clothes or in this case headphones.? And if they do, I am that guy with the $300 headphones, not because of the price but the quality. Bose are wonderful and you can trade in your old ones and get $100 off new pair

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  John

Just my own quick, I don’t mind having brands on me, though try to be understated or be a bit different from the mainstream. I always get luggage that looks a bit different from the standard ones, too.

5 years ago

For on the plane I use Bose QC35 whose NC is WAY ahead of all others.

I’ve tried other NC solutions like Sony, they just don’t cut it.

When I want to travel light I have LG Tone Infinim.

Diamond Vargas
Diamond Vargas
5 years ago

You can spend a heck of a lot less than $300 on those Bose if you use multiple Amex Offers and a portal. Takes a little work, though, and doesn’t solve your perception concern.