Luther’s 500th, Okinawa’s 72nd, Electric Guitar’s Deceline

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On my mind: reader CK shared this piece on the Battle of Okinawa anniversary. The brutality of the battle was recently depicted on the big screen in Hacksaw Ridge. As a tourist destination, Okinawa is set up more for families. Okinawan cuisine has distinctive dishes you can sample in restaurants in Naha. I’d like to go back and explore more of the Ryuku Islands.





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5 years ago

I don’t
understand why so many courtiers especially South Korea and Japan are complaining about
U.S bases? The want U.S to protect them but they don’t want anything else. Why do
we have to defend them if they don’t like us to be there? Does that make sense?
Having said that, Okinawa is a beautiful place to visit.
People are friendly. Food are delicious. And the weather is almost always sunshine. Cost is less than Japan.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Mark

It is a tangled issue. The U.S. wants the bases for its strategic interests, too. The local populations naturally have mixed feelings, and there are natural conflicts between some big picture rational arguments and the reality of life around bases when incidents good and bad happen in interaction with soldiers from the bases. In the case of Okinawa, as I understand, there is a long-standing resentment of Okinawans to broader Japan, they take pride in their our culture, and question why they should have to bear the brunt of the US military presence with little control over the situation.

5 years ago

Thanks for reminding the anniversary of the battle in Okinawa. A lot of our soldiers were died there. Watch the link gives me a lot of thoughts