My Week in Points: 2x Edition

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Last week I filed from Cairo, enjoying the ultra-cheap points hotel options in Egypt. Back at base I caught up on two weeks of miles and points.


  • Earned 50% on the Alitalia flights to Lebanon and Egypt, thanks to December’s devaluation of partner earning with less than a month notice. Delta did not have the courtesy to notify members except to stealthily update its website. United never misses an opportunity to miss and opportunity and this week did the exact same thing (One Mile at a Time, with a helpful table), right down to not bothering to proactively notify members. Much of my travel is on partner airlines and I am stuck with terrible options for both Delta and United, and AA/OneWorld not that appealing for me.
  • At check-in in Cairo for my Alitalia flight, the agent had issues getting me lounge access because the system did not support Delta Diamond status. Been a few years since that was a problem, and not an issue on other Alitalia flights. Delta hates SkyTeam so much you need a magnifying glass to see the SkyTeam ElitePlus logo on the card and that frequently is an issue in out of the way places.


  • A a stopgap till March 1 revenue-based earning, United is copying AA’s bonus miles promo. I have read through the terms several times in the hope that flights I am looking at for a late February business trip to Europe will count. Some partners are included but promo indicates must be sold as a United-marketed flight, which is $2,000 more than the Swiss price.


  • Marriott granted me Gold status for 2015 with a letter saying even though I didn’t meet the requirements (by a lot) they were extending status. I also would have had it with my Chase Ritz-Carlton card and United status, though nice to not have to call. The mailer said my membership card is now an e-card. Hotel cards are less important than airline cards, though especially overseas I like to use the physical card at check-in to remind the staff of status, lest they are not familiar or conveniently overlook.


  • I have  stack of ThankYou cards, maybe I should try to get a bunch of retention offers? (Miles to Memories).
  • I followed up on a long open issue from a ThankYou flight redemption. I had redeemed in October for a flight in the Caribbean on Corsair. I never got to the island for the flight thanks to a tropical storm and LIAT’s multi-day operational woes. The Citi travel agents were helpful, it was hard for them to find a working, English-speaking contact for the airline, however they got it through, cancel fee was $80 for which I would get $50 ticket value refunded plus the full 11k points back. Points never posted. I called yesterday, dreading a long ordeal. Instead, an agent found it, told me a supervisor had to handle it, the supervisor, saw the original notes, apologized, and issued the points. Great. And important to rigorously track and follow-up on these things.

Credit cards:

  • I have not applied for any in 4 months. Need to do another round. Want to try for another Chase Fairmont, a 3rd US Airways, a few others. Need to decide on a Membership Rewards strategy as my current Mercedes-Benz Platinum is coming due. Maybe the US Bank FlexPerks Amex. Maybe a few others.

The grunt work of manufactured spend:

  • Last night I walked half an hour in biting cold and wind to the closest cheap ATM to my apartment, at a community bank. Out of service. Grrr.

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Just wanted to say I won the battle. Again. 🙂

I like these posts…good nuggets of info sprinkled in.