What Airline Do You Want to Be a Star Alliance Mileage Millionaire?

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21 people will become Star Alliance mileage millionaire’s to celebrate the alliance’s 20th anniversary.

Star Alliance Mileage Millionaire CompetitionEnter the Star Alliance Mileage Millionaire Competition by July 31, 2017 at 24:00 UTC for your chance to win.

This is not a random draw contest. Entries are to be judged on their merit. You can read the terms if you are serious to enter.

The angle is that you can only enter once and a winner will be selected for each of the 21 Star Alliance programs. You can see entries by geography but not by their program.

Star Alliance Mileage Millionaire Competition Entry MapThe prizes are not all 1 million miles, either. If they were, savvy Star Alliance flyers would all be entering under Air New Zealand. Here are the prizes:

Eligible FFP
(Star Alliance Member Carrier)
(Unit and Metric)
(Air Canada)
1,000,000 Miles
(Air New Zealand)
20,000 Airpoints Dollars™
(Avianca Brazil)
1,000,000 Points
Asiana Club
(Asiana Airlines)
1,000,000 Miles
Connect Miles
(Copa Airlines)
1,000,000 Miles
1,000,000 Miles
(SAS Scandinavian Airlines)
 4 SAS Round The World Business Class Tickets
Flying Returns
(Air India)
1,000,000 FR Points
Infinity MileageLands
(EVA Air)
1,000,000 Miles
(Singapore Airlines)
1,000,000 Miles
1,000,000 Miles
ANA Mileage Club
1,000,000 Miles
(United Airlines)
1,000,000 Miles
Miles + Bonus
(Aegean Airlines)
1,000,000 Miles
Miles & More
(Adria Airways, Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Croatia Airlines, LOT Polish Airlines, Lufthansa, SWISS)
1,000,000 Miles
Miles & Smiles
(Turkish Airlines)
1,000,000 Miles
Phoenix Miles
(Air China, Shenzhen Airlines)
1,000,000 Kilometer
Royal Orchid Plus
(Thai Airways)
1,000,000 Miles
(Ethiopian Airlines)
1,000,000 Miles
(TAP Portugal)
1,000,000 Miles
SAA Voyager
(South African Airways)
1,000,000 Miles

To decide you program you have to weigh:

  • Likelihood to win
  • Value of prize

I would love 1 million United MileagePlus miles, though that probably has fierce competition due to the size of the US travel market.

Other airlines may have fewer, though potentially no less artistic, entries, yet have a less valuable prize.

I didn’t even know Avianca Brazil is not part of LifeMiles, though I wouldn’t pit my chances against the creativity of Brazilians.

Readers, under what program’s banner would you submit an entry? Any hidden gems?

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Dave C
Dave C
6 years ago

Other than lower value, any reason wouldn’t I just register for a low volume airline that will have the fewest entries?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Dave C

It is a judged competition, not random entry, so if you think one program is likely to have outsize contributions of merit, you can face a tough challenge even with a small pool. I would not pit myself against the travel photographers of Japan, for instance, so no ANA entry for me.