Maximizing Merrill Lynch, Seed Vault Flooded, Qatar in Naughty Corner

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On my mind: I don’t see why Iran should be our default enemy. I don’t question Iran’s support for terrorism. If we consider the biggest threat as the terrorism hitting UK and Europe, the US in 9/11, and indeed in Iran today, that is not coming from Iran.

If the priority is not combating global terrorism, but rather the security of Israel, I am less convinced that Iran is the key threat, short-term or long-term, than the people who presumably know more than I. ‘Enemy of my enemy’ that relies on feckless regimes seems a tenuous hook to hang one’s security.

Why Qatar is in the naughty corner seems as good an attempt as any to try to explain the tangle of this week’s events.

Ask world travelers about their favorite countries and Iran comes up again and again for the extraordinary hospitality of the people and their rich culture. Look at human rights, women’s rights, education, treatment of foreigners and minorities, and on and on, and Iran does not come out so unfavorably compared to its regional adversaries.

To not find peaceful ways to bring Iran back into the fold of a functional world order is a collective failure. Fumblingly taking sides in this internecine struggle is recklessly gambling with many lives.





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5 years ago

I would visit Iran than any surrounding Arabic countries in the area. Qatar’s AJ is so fake, they never cover those poor labors from Southern Asia ilin its land.