Air India Dreamliner – Awesome Legroom in Coach

I  boarded for the short flight from Delhi to Amritsar and noticed the distinctive windows of the Dreamliner.

Air India Dreamliner 01

Air India Dreamliner 02

Oh boy is there great legroom in coach. My knees are usually pushed into the seatback pocket but here I had plenty of room.

Air India Dreamliner 04

Air India Dreamliner 03

The movie selection reflect India’s diversity with English, Hindi and 8 Regional channels.
Air India Dreamliner 05

Air India Dreamliner 06

Air India Dreamliner 07

They even served a snack tray on the 45-minute flying time, whipping out the trays then reeling them in moments later.

Air India Dreamliner 08

Business class looks so-so.

Air India Dreamliner 09

I have had 6 domestic segments on Air India and been quite impressed. The friend who I am staying with, who flies several times a week, thinks Air India has improved recently and favors its meals among the Indian airlines.

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  • Amol (@PointsToPointB)

    They have 35″ pitch on their 777s in coach.

  • Sanjeev M

    Air India has historically had one of the best catering operations of any airline worldwide. In fact as an airline they’re fairly competent and service-oriented when the government doesn’t interfere.

    But AI doesn’t do well at all during IRROPS. That’s what most people remember when telling their bad stories about AI.

  • Joey

    In the pic showing your legs, the remote control looks larger than others I’ve seen here in the USA. I’ve never seen one like that before. Have you?

  • ffi

    I suspect it was the Govt of India and a civil aviation bureaucrat that did not realize that seat pitch mattered as well for packing the plane! They would have done better to have lowered the pitch to 33in or so and allowed more recline perhaps.

    Also, they would have done better with a 38in Premium Economy section and called it Business with 7-8 across (with seats like US domestic F) and called the real business in front as F class and sold it at a discount to LH/ CX/ etc etc.
    All govt employees on official trips are on AI and that would have opened up seats for sale for real money.

  • @Sanjeev M – I had a string of 15 flights over two weeks in India, I think partly luck and partly good time for year for weather and only one was delayed, that was admittedly an Air India flight Bhopal-Delhi awaiting inbound aircraft from Mumbai that cost an hour. 14 out of 15 on time or early is really impressive, I thoroughly enjoyed the flying of my trip.

  • @Joey -I couldn’t find if I had taken a picture, but I think Korean Air has the same or similar, I know I have seen that before.

  • k

    Sorry, how many inches are we talking about? Seatguru says 33 on 787 but some 777s have 34 inches max…couldn’t find 35 at all….

  • @k – sorry, planes are not my expertise as shown by that I didn’t even know to call it pitch. It was a lot of room is all I can say.

  • I completely agree with your thoughts! It has been a real pleasure on the Dreamliner recently. The level of comfort and sophistication is really worth experiencing. I travelled on 2 low cost carriers after that and boy! I was cramped for space!!

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