Taiwan e-Gate for Global Entry Members, Global Entry for Taiwan Passport Holders

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U.S. citizen Global Entry/NEXUS/SENTRI members can now use e-Gate for entry to Taiwan. Unfortunately, this requires both application and a fee.

When I saw the press release headline I was hoping for an arrangement like Australia and New Zealand where any US biometric passport, Global Entry member or not, can use their e-gates.

Taiwan e-Gate

How to use Taiwan e-gate, source: Taiwan National Immigration Agency

Taiwan e-Gate for Global Entry Members

This is only for U.S. citizen Global Entry/NEXUS/SENTRI members. Not US permanent residents or Global Entry members registered in the program with a non-US passport.

The e-Gate application fee is 3,000 NT (approximately US$100).

You do not need to apply in advance. Instead, you are required to go in person to an enrollment counter of the Taiwan National Immigration Agency (hours not published):

(1) Taipei City service station at National Immigration Agency
(2) The immigration arrival and departure halls at Taipei Songsang Airport
(3) The immigration arrival and departure halls at Taoyuan Airport, Terminal 2.
(4) The immigration arrival and departure halls at Kaohsiung Airport
(5) The immigration arrival and departure halls at Kinmen Seaport

Bring your valid passport. Your photo and index fingerprints will be taken. Details here.

e-Gate is valid for the validity of your passport. When you renew your passport, you’ll need to re-enroll and pay a new fee.

Reader Brian sent in an update posted in the NIA FAQ that “NIA will populate information in their system with whatever they get from USCBP. If you update or renew your passport in the GE system, it will still work for e-Gate after two weeks.”

Global Entry for Taiwan Passport Holders

Taiwan passport holders can now apply for Global Entry.

The US CBP has published the application process that requires steps with both Taiwan and US authorities.

If Only It Didn’t Cost $100

I was in Taiwan in August for a trip to Kinmen and Mastu (island groups close to mainland China). Prior to that it had been some years since I passed through Taiwan.

My immigration wait was about 15 minutes. The line was large though moved fast. The immigration officer gave a friendly welcome to Taiwan.

I’d have to be at the start of a new 10-year passport and going to Taiwan several times a year before I would consider paying $100 for e-Gate.

APEC Business Travel Card Alternative

I will invest $70 in an APEC Business Travel Card for access to expedited lines in many countries, ahead of $100 for a single destination’s e-Gate.

This program is currently only authorized to issue cards through September 30, 2018, unless the law is amended to provide an extension. With the wide-ranging assault by the current US administration on travel, travelers, and the spirit of civilization travel represents, I will not expect an extension and will be renewing my current passport a tad earlier in September 2018 to get in under the deadline.

On the reciprocal news, tag me surprised that Taiwan passport holders weren’t previously Global Entry eligible. Taiwan is an outsize economic partner. While the current US executive does not believe in democracy promotion, the US does, and Taiwan’s flourishing against the odds deserves our support in ways small and large.

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[…] to Stefan at Rapid Travel Chai for making me aware of this […]

4 years ago

I was under impression foreigners are forbidden to visit those islands closed to China? Are those island more like DMZ of South Korea? Did you get any special attention? how was it?
And I totally agree this durable and lovely island country need more support from the international community while money from China seems to dominate a large part of the world. But what do you mean the current US executive doesn’t believe in democracy promotion?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Jason

Those islands are very chill now, there is still a military presence, though no imposition on foreigners to visit. Frequent ferries to Xiamen open to foreigners provided they have a visa for PRC.

The Trump administration has made clear from the beginning that democracy promotion is not one of their interests, though institutional inertia and resistance means it still happens at working levels.

4 years ago

That $100 for e-gate is going to US or Taiwan government? Agree it would not make much sense to pay for it. Is it difficult to get APEC card?

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Reply to  Shannon

$100 direct to Taiwan. There is no step existing Trusted Traveler Program members need to do with the US to add this, it is entirely done and paid in Taiwan.

APEC I have not heard reports that it is hard. Ostensibly each member country reviews applicants so if you have an issue in one, they could veto it. I have no idea how in reality these are reviewed. You apply with the GOES website.