Where to Sit on the Delta A350, MS Reality, Delayed Mail Deportations

On my mind: following a fabulous first summer in Seattle, the now short daytime hours to watch gray and  steady rain are a huge drag. I don’t know that I’ll adapt enough to keep my mood up.





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Thanks for bringing some interesting articles today and pls keep positive as a lot of readers love you and your blog. I look forward your daily digest as so many out there form others are junk. There is a reason why Seattle has highest suicide rate in the whole country! Don’t let the raining brings your down.


DACA and Bannon stuff?….please stay on topic. I get it you hate Trump but I read you for the travel blogging stuff.

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai
Standing policy of this blog is that travel is political, and that it is my duty as a human and citizen to not pretend otherwise. This is not new with the Trump administration, however the assault by Trump and collaborators on American democracy and society, indeed on Enlightenment values and Western civilization, will not go unremarked here. I separate sections of these posts into hacks, travels, events, and ideas, all chosen not necessarily because I agree, but because they are informative or useful, have intellectual rigor, and inform life and travel. You are welcome to skip sections not of interest… Read more »

Usually find these roundup posts from other bloggers to be pretty useless…but I look forward to yours since I almost always find something interesting to read. Keep up the good work!

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Thank you, yeah, when deals bloggers recap…deals, it gets a bit repetitive.