Last Call for United Global Entry Reimbursement – Stretch it for 18 Months

United Platinum and above have until 1/31 to request a $100 payment voucher for Global Entry.

The voucher is good for 6 months and you can renew Global Entry up to 1 year before expiration so it can be stretched up to 18 months for renewals. Renewals add 5 years to original expiration date so you do not lose any time. I can confirm because I just did it.

See my earlier post with the details on the process. The direct United link is here.

United Global Entry Voucher

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I just got my $100 check from United yesterday – I requested reimbursement in AUGUST.


You can’t stretch anything if you already used it within 5 years….basically a one time deal then:

Global Entry compensation is offered to current Global Services, MileagePlus Premier 1K and MileagePlus Premier Platinum members only, once every five years. You may apply for a new personalized code on or after March 17, 2017, if you maintain eligible status.


Actually you can only apply 1 time every 5 years. So if you have already done, then you can not stretch.


Worth noting that you can use the credit for someone else as well – I did this a couple months ago as I already have GE.


Thanks for the reminder that you have an 18month renewal window! I got the confirmation email, but have not been able to actually get the code – anybody else have that problem?