My New Travel Briefcase Is…

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Functional or stylish?

We spend a lot of time with our luggage, and I want something I enjoy to look at. I don’t want to look like I am lugging the laptop bag my IT department provided. I also don’t want an ostentatious brand display that will attract sneers and thiefs such as the Louis Vuitton man-totes I see in JFK.

Tagging Miles and View from the Wing debated carry-ons with their readers contributing suggestions. Both are fans of Briggs & Riley which are functional but cannot be more boring.

After a  fruitless hunt online I came across new Canadian brand Venque while shopping in Hong Kong (boy, that sounds pretentious!). Let’s rephrase that: holding my wife’s shopping bags in Hong Kong in between our feasting stops. I thought it over, saw their bags again in Vancouver and bought the Milano Black.

It is young and professional, the newspaper loops are a playful touch, and the fabric is light and feels durable. My main concern was addressed in Vancouver: I did not see in Hong Kong or on the website the luggage strap to attach to a rollerboard, however it is tucked in the back zip pocket.

(The price is CAD 149 which at the hugely low rate to the dollar is around USD 106. Not that the global .com site does not specific CAD or USD, so use the Canadian .ca site which specifies CAD.)

Venque Milano Black

I also considered the larger Briefpack XL. I prefer the Milano’s styling and organizers, and do not need the backpack straps. When not used as a backpack, the straps are well concealed so it looks like a proper briefcase.

Readers, what travel briefcase do you recommend?

(Disclaimer: I have no financial or sponsorship relationship with Venque. I paid for the bag myself and the recommendation is my own.)

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6 years ago

I gather this is a secondary bag from your clothing? I like the styling however, as it is a good looking bag.However, there is no mention of weight. I was looking at the XL purely for travel not work as an only bag to use. The XL has back straps which I like. The handles and material look good. I use an Eagle Creek Digi Hauler, which weights in at 1 lb 11 oz. at 22 x 14 x 9. I can travel with that bag for a weekend or for a month. I find weight to be the most… Read more »

6 years ago

Glaser Designs is by far the best briefcase I’ve owned and also the best looking bag. They’re expensive and worth it.

6 years ago

@Stefan – Whoops! Took a look at their site, I think they need you to consult for them!

6 years ago

That is a very slick looking bag. I love the look, and the Financial Times in the newspaper straps definitely sends a message about who they are marketing to.