Is This the Best 3rd-Party (non-Amex) Airport Lounge in the World?

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Priority Pass maintains a wide network of 3rd-party airport lounges. The ones not included, Amex Centurion lounges excepted, are usually pretty obscure.

Member polling of over 100,000 picked their 2015 lounge of the year as the mouthful EuroAirport Skyview Lounge at Franco-Swiss Basel-Mulhouse Airport.

Regional winners are:

Readers, what do you think?

I haven’t been to any of these that I remember. I may have been through the ones in Amman and Bangkok and forgotten.

My favorite Priority Pass lounge is Lima’s Sumaq VIP Lounge for is grenadillas, orange juice squeezer and open air courtyard.

Lima Sumaq VIP Lounge

My runner-up is Seoul-Incheon’s Sky Hub Lounge (two locations) for their bulgogi and rambutans. It gets runner-up for limited facilities, it is only a place to eat.

Seoul Incheon Sky Hub Lounge

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6 years ago

The The Amédée Maingard Lounge in the new Mauritius is a stunning and beautifully designed lounge with sweeping views of the tarmac. Very similar to the Centurion lounge concept, but much more space. Great showers (8), decent selection of complimentary wine/champagne with bartender service and a healthy set of warm buffet food (enough to make a meal). Lots of comfortable seating options spread out enough to give you space to relax. Definitely worth a visit.

6 years ago

I liked the one in Amman – nice spot above and overlooking the action of the terminal, and a very decent breakfast selection when I was there. The one in Bangkok was pleasant enough. It’s hit and miss with Priority Pass. That one at Basel must be really special to win, since I’m guessing only a tiny fraction of European travelers would actually have had a chance to visit it. Beating out the places at much more heavily trafficked airports seems like quite an accomplishment.