Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK Neck Dust Devaluation

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It’s been a while since I partook of the ‘cheapest haircut in NY’ as dubbed by a college age frequent flyer.

A gents haircut was once complimentary at the Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK. Since January, I learned, it has moved from a complimentary choice to $28+tax.

Guests are allowed to select one complimentary Clubhouse Spa treatment and the other choices such as facial, hand treatment, and head massage are still available.

Despair not (entirely), Gents can choose the following hair treatments as their complimentary service:

  • Neck dust
  • Beard tidy
  • Hair & scalp treatment
  • Dry style & consultation (complimentary even if selecting another complimentary service)

Ladies can choose from:

  • Creative dry style
  • The art of “dry” hair dusting
  • Fringe trim
  • Hair consultation (complimentary even if selecting another complimentary service)

And so, to ‘neck dust’ has entered my vocabulary. I went for the facial. My cheeks are aglow. My neck is demanding a dusting.

p.s. The on-demand dining continues to excel. I liked pork belly before it was hip. The steamed cod with mussels is tender.

The braised pork ribs seem the most popular item. They keep walking by me. Soon I’ll break down and order them. The chocolate cake lollipop with raspberry sauce, too.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK Pork BellyVirgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK Steamed Cod

The only hiccup is the new line of non-alcoholic cocktails using Seedlip Garden and Seedlip Spice, ‘the world’s first non-alcoholic spirits’. The waitress said, “you won’t like them.” I don’t.

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK SeedlipVirgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK Peas of Mind

Oh, and that chalky tumeric latte kept making me cough from all the dust!

Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse JFK Turmeric Latte

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4 years ago

Does the facial make you more handsome?