Priority Pass Adds PGA MSP Lounge for Swingers

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After last month’s loss of the Escape Lounge at MSP to American Express, Priority Pass swings back with the addition of the PGA MSP Lounge.

(note: holders of the American Express Platinum card (personal or business) can still access the Escape Lounge with their Platinum card.)

Priority Pass membership grants a $15 credit per person (includes registered guests) towards a la carte dining or golf experience. You choose one or the other, do not get refunds for spending less, and are responsible for charges over $15. Those of us with multiple Priority Pass cards should be able to get multiple $15 credits.

Priority Pass PGA MSP Lounge

What You Get at the PGA MSP Lounge:

At the PGA MSP Lounge website you can see golf experience prices. Priority Pass waives the $15 entry fee that includes putting green. The $15 credit can apply to a $20 15 minute session at the driving range. Prices go up from there.

PGA MSP Lounge Golf Experience Pricing

Food is catered by Ike’s (a Minneapolis mainstay). You’ll not go too far on $15. Here’s the menu.

Hours and Location:

Hours: 07:00 – 20:00 Monday – Friday, 08:00 – 19:00 Saturday & Sunday

Location: north end of the Airport Mall, take the elevator or stairs between Ike’s & French Meadow Bakery.


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