Get 3 Bonus Months of Cloud Backup with Backblaze Year-End Sale!

I use Backblaze cloud backup service. Now they have a great refer-a-friend 3 bonus months offer.

Picking Your Backup

You can ask IT people all day about which backup service to use and they’ll find flaws in all. I made that mistake once and after weeks was no closer to a decision until an IT friend caved and gave his blessing for Backblaze.

Backblaze meets my needs:

  1. No hassle background backup.
  2. Unlimited storage (I am sure there is a point that can be reached, however I am approaching 1 terabyte with no issues).
  3. Support for external drives – not easy to find at a reasonable price!
  4. Online file retrieval – website and mobile apps.
  5. Easy recovery – FedEx hard drive and flash drive options (subject to additional payment).
  6. Reasonable price – $50/year.

I have used Backblaze for over 2 years and am happy. This is my own paid account. Backblaze does not sponsor me. I have not had a catastrophic data loss to test their replacement drive service, however have frequently downloaded files.

Backblaze Bonus Months Refer-a-FriendRefer-a-Friend Bonus 3 Months

Until January 6, 2017, Backblaze has announced a limited-time refer-a-friend promotion. Get started here.

First, you get a free 30-day trial.

Then, if you purchase a monthly or annual plan, and keep it for at least 45 days from purchase, you’ll get 3 bonus months added to your account. I’ll get 3 months, too.

That’s 4 free months in all.

NOTE: the offer page says you get 1 month. Backblaze says they will not update the page. They have confirmed that you will get 3 months. See here:


The normal refer-a-friend offer is just a 1-month bonus.

Protect Your Data

I know most of you have been putting off cloud backup. Take this an incentive to get started.

Once you are live, you can refer your own friends!

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