So Why Are Etihad Guest Award Pages Not Available in the US?

Consulting Etihad Guest’s partner award charts today I see they are blocked in the US. Same for award booking* and Reward Shop. All direct to this page, which implies Department of Transportation. Except, American Airlines and ANA partner pages still load.

The message is “Sorry, this page is not available in the United States of America. If you have a query please contact us on for guidance.”

Etihad Guest Not Availabe in the United States of American

*The odd thing is, over on, award booking is still available. This only affects links that go to

I don’t follow the airline regulatory environment much other than to see who is trying to block competition and what flatulent justification they offer (yes, I figure flatulent is more apt than fatuous).

I know there are quirky point of sale issues when using American Airlines to book awards on Etihad. Especially for premium cabins you generally need to call AA in Australia or Singapore to find and put availability on hold, then call the US to ticket.

I glanced at FlyerTalk and saw nothing. Probably I don’t know how to search.

Using VPN to change to Canada all the pages load as normal.

What’s up with Etihad  Guest? Is this new?

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works for me…..

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

Thanks, the pages are indeed back.


weird, but mine has not gone down and it is in the US. I’ve been checking everyday because I have a flight next month on the A380 Apartments and am still trying to get the perfect itinerary and its always worked

Stefan @ Rapid Travel Chai

I get it now, for searches, works, while does not work. No idea why.


Noticed this since yesterday, I hope somebody will respond to it. They also block their shopping portal that is specifically enabled for the US.

Gary Leff

Issues with award charts not disclosing full taxes and fees, or perhaps describing fuel surcharges as a tax? [I haven’t looked]

dan luttrell

I just noticed this on Airberlin as well. Same message. Weird.