50% off Solitude X Noise Canceling Headphones

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ProTravelGear is offering 50% off its Solitude X Noise Canceling Headphones through December 9. Use code wow50 at checkout. It was already on sale for $199.95 (from $229.95) and the 50% brings it down to $99.98 plus shipping. Prior experience suggests that the offer is likely to be while supplies last, so act quickly if you want them. Presumably this is clearance before a new model rolls out, but a good product is good regardless.

The Rapid Traveler has previously owned their entry-level Plane Quiet line and then switched to the Panasonic RP-HC500 when an earlier iteration of Plane Quiet moved the battery case and controls to the cable. He has never owned Bose.

The Travel Insider has exhaustive reviews of popular noise canceling headphones, including Solitude X. The Travel insider does have a business relationship with Solitude, which he fully discloses and through which he occasionally offers discounts,  but the reviews seem impartial and are accurate for the products The Rapid Traveler has tried.

The Rapid Traveler just ordered one and will update when he gives it is whirl. He paid for the product and will not receive any compensation for this recommendation.

Solitude X

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