Daytrip from Buenos Aires: San Antonio de Areco’s ranches and chocolates

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The Rapid Traveler is an obsessive planner so it was an odd day last week when Mrs. Rapid Traveler’s day trip to San Antonio de Areco rolled around. She and her colleague had planned it all, and The Rapid Traveler was under strict instructions to cooperate and not interfere.

San Antonio de Areco is a popular daytrip from Buenos Aires for its old town and surrounding ranches. Buses are frequent, taking roughly two hours when traffic on the woefully under-laned expressway complies. The town is typically pretty: the square, the church, the boutiques, etc. Mrs. Rapid Traveler loved chocolatier La Olla de Cobre (cash only, no cards). These dancers in a park, some well-lubed, were more entertaining than something professionally staged:

[flickr video=]

The Pampas region’s big draw, however, is its ranches. There are many, most are upscale, and as The Rapid Traveler did no research, he can only say that the one they visited, Estancia El Ombú, has a great 1880s house, modern rooms, mounds of food throughout the day (breakfast, empanada snack, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner) and horses that succeed at transporting tourists. Only downside for day trippers like is the exceedingly uncomfortable seating collection in the public areas, but day tripping is a good option to control cost.

Chile Argentina 210

Leading the charge

Chile Argentina 200

Gaucho and tourist

A good break from Buenos Aires.

Readers, what excursions from Buenos Aires have you loved or loathed?

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Rapid Travel Chai
10 years ago

Lamentably already long gone from BA, just a Thanksgiving trip, now in Mexico City on business, also a great city.

The Travel Abstract
10 years ago

I did a day trip to that estancia over Thanksgiving last year. It reminded me of NYC where only several hours away the city could not seem further away.

Tigre was a good time especially if you can rent a boat with the SO or a group of friends.

I really liked San Martin de Los Andes great outdoor town that is well worth the 20 hr camabus ride.

Mar del Plata was amazing and empty over Christmas.

How long are you in BsAs for?