Oman Roadtrip (part 1): roast lamb, Aussie football hooligans, and a first fort

“Do you mind if my hotel is not in the same city…or country…as I am supposed to be in, at long as it is the same price?”

So was the conversation with The Rapid Traveler’s boss about the weekends during the multi-week business trip.

First weekend, Dubai’s shopping malls shifted to Oman’s forts (and shopping malls).

A weekend Friday of work from the hotel gave way to a superb Omani meal, to quote from the menu:

Harees laham fresh meat and wheat made in high pressure, eat with cow ghee

Laham shoowa ma arus qabooli ground grilled meat with rice qabooli

Thereedh haleeb Omani bread (khubs) raghal

Topped off with a mint lemonade. Too bad the line outside was for the McDonald’s drive-thru.

The next morning, time for a road trip, starting in the competitive spirit with the Ausstralian football hooligans in town for a match. Wearing the local hats, real classy.

The car was rented with the admonition on return to “Not in the front of the airport and leave the key.”

And off for an hour drive along the coast for a wet market and the first fort of the day, in Barka.

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