20% Off My Favorite Travel Snacks (Expires 4/30/18)

I got hooked on goldenberries when they appeared several years ago in Costco.

Those goldenberries come from Made in Nature. Costco has an ever-changing assortment of their products. Fortunately, the full lineup is available on Made in Nature’s website at prices as good or better than Costco.

I take various of their snacks on my trips. Those and some pieces of dark chocolate and I am set. Since most have fruit in them, I bring only new, unopened packages through customs and declare them in stickler countries like Australia and New Zealand. I’ve never had them taken away.

Disclaimer: I have no financial relationship with Made in Nature. I will not be compensated for any orders you place with them.

Made in Nature Goldenberries

Photo from Made in Nature

20% Off

Made in Nature doesn’t often run sales and does not participate in cash back portals. They have 20% storewide through April 30, 2018 using code EARTH. The code is single-use per account though no limit on quantity in that order.

Not all items come in the better value large sizes.

I am no expert to pronounce on the healthy credentials of their offerings. I like that many of the dried fruit have no sugar added and are unsulfured.

Our New Favorite

We recently tried the Italian Espresso Coconut Chips. We’ve been battling over who should hide it to keep the other from over-indulging. Addictive!

Made in Nature Italian Espresso Coconut Chips

Photo from Made in Nature


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does this mean you totally ditch Pocky now ? 🙂