How Many Smartphone Users Does It Take to See a Beaver?

Last night we took our evening walk along South Lake Union in Seattle. It is a spectacular setting at the foot of downtown Seattle, framed by the Art Deco-style Museum of History and Industry, historic vessels, and the seaplanes of Kenmore Air.

Commuters, heavily from Amazon, pass through on foot and bike. Many are absorbed in smartphone screens and isolated with headphones.

Crossing the pedestrian bridge, we spotted a furry head above water make a beeline for the shore. Out emerged a handsome beaver for an evening nibble of fresh leaves.

South Lake Union Beaver

We took up position at a respectable distance and watched as person after person walked right by without noticing the beaver feet away. In the space of around 15 minutes, the only two to notice the beaver were alerted by their dogs. I broke our no phone walking rule to admire the passing parade.

South Lake Union SmartphoneHow many smartphone users does it take to see a beaver? Infinitely many.

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Enjoy Fine Food

I think most folks missed the beaver’s evening nibbling cause there was a cute beaver video going viral on u-tube at the time.


I agree. Many of us are becoming slaves of smart phones. You look very tall and slim in the picture. It also difficult to identify what that little furry creature really is from the pictures