Last Call 4/25: airberlin Bankruptcy topbonus Miles Compensation Request

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If you have some miles sitting in defunct airberlin’s topbonus program, you may have been treated to emails from their insolvency administrator.

airberlin claim

A promo a couple years ago netted 1,000 free miles, so you may have some, as do I, even without flying them. Those points were due to expire this month without other activity.

Submitting Your Compensation Request

If you want to throw in your hat for compensation, you have until midnight April 25, 2018 (Central European Time?) time to submit your request at The site is in German. Google Translate worked for me to register my claim.

Address country: per questions in the comments, list is in German. If you live in USA = Vereinigte Staaten.

Bank information: you do not need to enter it at this time. As started in the instructions, “To enable us to make any payments, you will also be asked for your bank account details when registering your claim. However, as you will be asked for these details again prior to any payments being made, you do not have to enter your bank details at this stage if you prefer not to.”

Where’s My Money?

This is not a guarantee of payout, that step comes later. Payout is projected to be €0.0036 per mile. You may end up with a different amount or nothing.

You can opt out of the process if claiming a different value and take them to court yourself. Or do nothing and ensure you get nothing. I have no knowledge of German bankruptcy law, so only stating what I read from them.

I registered my claim of €3.60 for interest in following the story.

Those interested in the details can see the following documents only when logged in to the claim site, again in German only:

FlyerTalk has a discussion on this for more info.

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[…] Last chance to claim compensation for your air berlin miles in bankruptcy […]

Pamela McLean
Pamela McLean
3 years ago

No USA address field.

3 years ago

How did you advance beyond the first page when there is no option in the drop down to select USA as the country?

3 years ago

I have been unable to complete the form as it is not set up for USA addresses in my experience several times on the site.

Angie W
Angie W
3 years ago

Thanks for the reminder. Almost let a 58.06 Euro payment slip away!

3 years ago

Thanks for the reminder. Had 3500 points …