Chase Visa VIP Lounge for the London Olympics – very cool, and any old Chase Visa will do

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Chase and Visa will have a VIP Lounge during the London Olympics, and are going all out:

Centrally located at 116 Pall Mall in London’s West End, the VIP Lounge is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to midnight, July 27-August 12.

Designed for your enjoyment, the VIP Lounge will feature:

  • Celebrity Chef Morimoto Culinary Experiences
  • Appearances by Olympic Athletes
  • Food, wine, beer and other refreshments daily
  • Free Wi-Fi and more than 10 HDTVs throughout the Lounge
Pall Mall.

Photo by Sammy and the Light

The Rapid Traveler has not attended an Olympics, but he assumes it is like an amusement park in summer: fun, hot, long lines, and overpriced everything. London naturally has overpriced everything anyway. So to have all this available for free is great unless, of course, lines become ridiculous.

The only requirement for entry is to hold a Chase Visa card, any Chase Visa, surely a disappointment to the ferrum-snobs. Five guests are welcome to tag along so they are hardly trying to be exclusionary.

There is an optional online RSVP form that includes a free gift upon arrival. Perhaps a faux Olympics medal (in sapphire, of course)?

Joe Brancatelli has an interview with David Gold of Chase Card Services, though the link looks like the type that may disappear behind his paywall sooner or later.

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