This quirky Japanese universal electrical adapter is still undefeated

As a parting gift upon The Rapid Traveler’s job change in March, friend and former colleague David N. gave him a quirky Japanese universal adapter. Its two pieces are slim and look like they cannot possibly work in many types of outlets around the world.

Japanese Universal Adapter 3

A typical adapter draws this little gem

Indeed, without a manual, some outlets are a fun puzzle, requiring at times the two pieces in different configuration, but in 3 months covering 5 continents and 15 countries, the little fella is still undefeated. India, with its BS-546s was the toughest challenge.

Japanese Universal Adapter 2


The adapter does not show a brand name and some searches did not turn one up, so if you want one, you’ll need to swing by Akihabara, because The Rapid Traveler is definitely not re-gifting!

Extra cred for readers that can recognize the airport lounge in the pictures by its outlets.

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Grant Thomas

HSBC adapter so maybe hong kong or shanghai?


Frankfurt FCL in Germany


That is a cool little device. I have something similar that I got at Bic Camera in Shibuya, but it’s a little bulkier than the blue device you have.

I don’t know what lounge you are in, but it is sad to see HSBC closing down here in Japan.

Rapid Travel Chai

@Grant Thomas – sorry, that HSBC one is mine that I have had for a while and was only meant there for size comparison. It is a SkyTeam carrier’s lounge in Europe, with so many readers avoiding Skyteam, maybe it is not so familiar.

Rapid Travel Chai

@andrew – my trusty HSBC Online Savings ATM card has been a great friend through many world travels and years of living in China. No transaction fee or fx fee at HSBC ATMs, and it has indeed been sad to seem them in fewer and fewer countries.


Isn’t this one of the Crown Lounges at AMS?

Rapid Travel Chai

@Burj – you got it! If I had ’em, I would share some strangely flavored quail eggs from the lounge, but I am not sure anyone would want those as a prize. They do have some unusual food choices at their lounges. Not that I would prefer CDG over AMS in any other respect, but I will take an AF pastries over the KL fare.