America’s beauty from the air

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Travel with Rick Steves interviewed author Jim Jackson who co-wrote America from the Air: A Guide to the Landscape Along Your Route. The podcast version of the interview is available here, starting at 14:42. Amazon’s ‘look inside’ feature allows a peak.

It is fascinating to listen to Mr. Jackson’s descriptions of the US landscape, channeled through the major flight corridors, with a specific target to see roughly every 20 minutes (about 200 miles) as well as the context of the landscape to study in the intervals. He highlights the stark contrast in US and Mexican landscape on routes that track the border.

Directly over the US-Mexico border

Photo by bill85704

This guide will soon accompany The Rapid Traveler on a cross-country flight, and perhaps he will send one over to The Wandering Aramean, who in his podcast rundown of in-flight entertainment said his favorite feature is the moving map.

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