Luggage review: Timbuk2 20″ Copilot

The want: a distinctively stylish carry-on rollerboard, preferably under $200.

Attempt 1: Timbuk2 20″ Copilot in Gunmetal/Blue, bought for $167 on sale from eBags, most retailers typically price at $210.

Timbuk2 1

Size: stated dimensions of 20.1 x 14.2 x 9.1. Actual dimensions 1-2″ larger for each. Online reviews said the purported 22″ version of the Copilot is difficult to carry-on. Even this purported 20″ will have trouble on many airplanes. Though it is soft-side, it does not crush down well. International airlines will likely force it to be checked.

Zippers: terrible, difficult to open and close, flimsy.

Handle: ditto.

Wheels: skateboard wheels, seem good.

Interior: mesh compartments, useful if wanting to pack their way, otherwise a hassle as they cannot be fully moved away.

Timbuk2 2

Style: the exposed metal of the handle looks cool, but the gray color material is dull, not a sleek gray.

Result: taking a few pictures for this review before sending it back.

Timbuk2 3

So readers, what soft-side rollerboards have stylish design for men? Even going way over $200, most luggage is blah.

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    Check out Oprey – I got this 22″ roller and after my first trip immediately went and replaced the rest of my luggage with the like. It is an amazing travel bag!

    in addition to the 22″ vector I have:

    -The 28″ vector
    -The Transporter 95L
    -The Astro shoulder bag (which conveniently attaches to the vector!)

    and I’m about to add the 46L Porter to the stable

    when the little one pops out in October, I’ll be picking up their baby carrier, too!

    The versatility, design, sturdiness, style and amazing subframe drew me in, The customer service, and the All Mighty warranty made me a customer for life – If something breaks or is damaged, no matter what, they will take it back and repair/replace it. No time limit, nothing.

    I had a Meridian pack and the handle got damaged. I called Osprey, sent them the pack, and 3 days later I had a brand new pack on my doorstep. Amazing!

    they have some of their products at REI, check them out there! Good luck on your search!

    (disclaimer – I have no affiliation with Osprey, I’m just an extremely happy customer :-P)

  • @Aarash – that 22″ Vector does look cool, I think I will give it a try. Does the 22″ really work for carry-on, the company website lists dimensions of 23.5 in x 18 in x 12 in which is really pushing it except when agents are looking the other way on US airlines. Internationally that could be an issue.

  • @RTC – I;ve taken it as a carry-on to a variety of destinations, both domestic and int’l. The only time I was made to gate check it was when I had to fly a puddle jumper on the way to ABQ from DEN. You can compress it if need be, so you should be good, but YMMV. Hope you find one that works for ya!